Study Abroad and the Dichotomy of the Underprivileged Student: An Indian Perspective  Within the international mobility of students for study abroad, India contributes one of the largest number of students to overseas universities each year. Helping these students make informed choices is an equally large pool of study abroad agents and the staff from overseas universities for whom competing in an increasingly complex and dynamically changing Indian market place is both challenging, and necessary. In the recent years, the most nuanced terminology used by universities for their internationalization efforts and in their marketing and promotional activities are ‘inclusion and diversity’. The marketing messages of agents spell out high success rates for top admits, visa approvals and devising special counselling cells for the students aiming for Ivy Leagues and Oxbridge institutions. Yet do these inclusivity messages hold true for the entire pool of eligible and bright students, or
  The First Steps: Settling into your Overseas University You have packed your bags, taken the long haul flight and the bus ride to your university campus. You are excited and afraid at the same time. The huge campus of your foreign institution seems daunting, as do the unfamiliar faces and the languages you hear spoken but do not understand. Take heart. There are simple things you can do to transition safely into settling down. ·     1.  The first step that every student should do on arrival at   the campus is to meet with the student ambassadors, unless they are waiting on the gate to welcome the freshmen students. They are generally the senior students who have experienced their first years at college and can give you tips and insights for a safe and comfortable stay. ·     2.  A priority should be to register at the university international office if that is where all students are expected to report on arrival. You may have met the recruitment managers when they visited you
  As the Pen Flows, so Does the Sports Track Beckons: Profile Building for Study Abroad Very often, students pay a lot of attention to their academic performance and grades, school projects and lab files, science symposiums and literary fests. Yet as they approach the application process for their overseas universities, they realize that the admissions are based on the concept of holistic profiles, and their grades by themselves are not enough! To avoid this last minute problem, the best way is to work towards the smooth admissions into desired universities through building one’s profile with meaningful additions; over a period of time. The ideal time for students to start this preparation is at the beginning of high school in grade 9 th . However, even starting in grade 11 th would suffice if one puts in lots of effort. Some of the things that help build student profiles are: ·        Participating in Olympiads – both national and international, aligned with ones subject inter
  To Dress It’s Best: the Etiquette of the Well Written Curriculum Vitae While you showcase your grades and other profile details in your application columns to the admissions committees, they are reaching for that one page document that summarises your entire portfolio and narrates your entire gamut of achievements - like putting a shine on your persona and a sprinkle on your unique qualities. If you are looking to get admission in the university of your choice overseas, you need to dress your curriculum vitae (CV) like you would dress yourself for a formal interview – with poise, √©lan, and professionalism. The CV should capture the essence of your uniqueness while stating how you are the best fit within the educational ethos of the institution and its long term vision for its alumni pool. CVs are even more important if you are going back to upgrade your professional acumen during mid career, after you have gathered work experience and want to further it with an extra dollop of
  Students, Studies, Scholarships! Studying abroad is a costly investment. With rising aspirations among students to undertake education overseas, parents from all geographies and economic backgrounds are spending a large part of their savings for their children’s higher studies. In such a scenario, a scholarship adds both prestige and financial comfort to the families of students. While most people aspire to obtain scholarships, few understand the complete range of scholarship options available. Below we outline the kinds of scholarships available to international students: 1.    Merit based scholarships – These are given to students based on their academic achievements, or for their overall profile including superior grades, extracurricular activities, sports, community service and other activities that demonstrate a continued interest in their chosen field. 2.   Need based or financial bursaries – For students who demonstrate a financial requirement the need based scholarshi
  The Magic in 4000 Characters – the UK Medicine Personal Statement When I see blood, I bring forth my compassion. Others fret or faint! You know you are made for the noble profession of medicine when you can handle the sight of blood, genuinely love to learn about the human anatomy, and can manage long hours of routine work and people interaction without flinching or falling short of patience. You are sure you have all this, and more. Now how do you convey this to the admissions committee at the medical school in the UK university of your choice? The Medicine Personal Statement asks for 4000 characters (with spaces) or 47 lines of an essay from   you to showcase your aptitude and leaning towards this field of study, your grit and determination to pass through and succeed through its extremely rigorous curriculum, your vision of what and why you will do at the end of your medical bachelor’s education, and what you have done till now to prepare yourself for undertaking the cours
  The Magic of Content: Business Growth through Written Communication In a constantly changing world of increased internet connectivity, fast paced work schedules and the shifting paradigms of people engagement, the one thing that has remained constant is the need for communication. Being visible and vocal are the necessities of reaching out to networks, connecting with potential and current clients and differentiating oneself from the competition. Within this context the power and influence of the written words cannot be ignored. Words have an influence on both the conscious and the subconscious decision making, consumer preferences, brand loyalty and long term associations between businesses and their clients. International higher education is perhaps one of the largest industries in the world; and growing at a fast pace each year. EdTEch has gained the attention and confidence of the masses, and is here to stay. Newer business entrants are looking for a piece of the pie along